Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Purse and Wine Birthday Cakes....

My mom and my sister-in-law, Summer, share a birthday...literally. Lol. Their parties are always combined into one shindig. This was my first time doing two cakes at one time...or even close together for that matter. Thank God the purse cake turned out to be fairly easy (or it just came together more smoothly) because the wine crate gave me all kinds of trouble. It's funny now, but at the time I was in tears over it. This is also when I started documenting my progress, rather than just taking shots of the finished project. I should have taken one of the purse cake when it was carved and naked, but I didn't. I will next time I do a purse. I did a zebra striped Prada with red trim. The logo was the hardest part and I was not happy with it in the end, but as per usual, I had to roll with it. I really loved the purse though.

Here is a close up of the detail on the side where the strap connects to the purse...

My mom's cake was far more technically difficult and took me forever. It was going to be a crate with a wine bottle inside but the panels I made didn't work out. I loved my panels...they were really nice....see...

When I tried to put them on the cake they fell apart. They were also not sized right so would have had to be cut down. I'm not really sure what I would do differently next time to make them work. I definitely should have allowed for the shrinkage when the cake baked. I didn't do that. Maybe make them thicker so that they would be more durable.

I did the wine bottle by laying gumpaste over a real wine bottle and allowing it to dry. I got the color for the bottle by adding a touch of black to green and brushing it on, then I sprayed it with shiny clear luster spray. Here it is with the color on it.

And here it is with the label on it...

The Label gave me some trouble too because I'm not good with hand painting writing on and I tried fondant pens and they looked like cap...lol. I ended up using lettering that is made for clay and found that when I pressed hard enough the green underneath started to come through and it looked good and was dark enough to read. Here's a close up.

The leaves were actually my favorite part..I LOVED the way they turned out. I cut them from gumpaste and colored them with lustre dust....here they are...

Plan B, after the side panel disaster, was covering the whole cake with marbled fondant to make it look like wood grain. Here is the finished cake.


  1. i love love the leaves. great job!


  2. Me too! They were my favorite part.