Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Easter 2012

My first Easter cake. Also my first and only time using ganache under fondant instead of butter cream. I loved how smoothly it turned out and the edge was really sharp. This is how it looked after the white chocolate ganache.
I read on another blog that you can color marshmallow fondant with candy melts, so I took a stab at it for this cake. I made a batch of MMF and colored it with yellow candy melts. MMF and I aren't on speaking terms. Its kind of a pain and although it tastes great, I haven't managed to master it. The color was exactly what I was going for but the cake was a little hard to cut into. I'm not sure if it was the ganache or the candy melts in the fondant, so I haven't tried either since. I know a lot of people use only ganache, which leads me to believe that the candy melts were the culprit. Note to self: use ganache again.

I was really happy with it...except for that I realized after the fact that I had forgotten the bunny rabbit's fluffy tail. DUH. Who ever heard of an Easter bunny with no tail?

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