Monday, February 25, 2013

Popcorn and A Movie Cake

I can't believe I haven't posted this cake sooner. My camera was dead when I finished this one so I took the pictures with my phone and then never transferred them to my computer...therefore spaced posting them. I LOVE this cake. I did it for my dad and it captured him so well that I honestly don't know what I'll do for him on future birthdays. My family is and always has been very into movies and my dad is all about popcorn and a Snickers bar. The design was perfect and the flavor was pecan praline, which was pretty much heavenly.

The popcorn was made out of marshmallows. These are so small that I worked on popcorn for what felt like forever and this was all I ended up with. Haha. The bag is frosted in buttercream and I printed a picture of a popcorn bag in the size that I needed, cut a template and then cut the stripes out of a red sugar sheet. I made the movie reel out of gumpaste so that it would harden and the clapboard is chocolate fondant colored black. The candy bar is real. : )) I love you dad!!!

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  1. all that work was worth it! this cake is amazing! i'm sure a lot of people will love it.