Thursday, February 21, 2013

Woodland Animals Baby Shower Cake

I did this cake for a co-worker (I have a day job...Boooo). The cake design was based on her invitation.

Really cute right? Woodland animals are so popular right now.  I did the bottom tier with the trees and deer on a blue background. I printed the invitation, cut the deer out and then laid them on rolled out fondant and cut them out with an Xacto knife.

The middle tier is ivory with a band around it that mimics the pink trim on the invite, light pink with darker pink blossoms, and her name.

There is no hedgehog on the invite but I currently have a hedgehog she was cool with me adding one. I tied it in by adding the pink blossoms randomly to the top tier as well.

There is a tiny little bird in a nest in the tree so I decided to make that the topper. I made a mommy and daddy bird with an egg.

For the stand I used a bowl I bought at a discount store...obviously made of really thick glass. I did cut dowels and tape them together and put them in the center for added support though. Then I put moss all around the dowels and added some mushrooms and acorns that I made out of fondant. My cousin, Tanya Brown helped me a lot with the stand and took these beautiful photos for me. If there are any bad ones, I took those...haha. You can check out Tanya's blog here:

Here is one that I took with my phone to get an idea of how the cake looked next to the invitation.

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  1. this is your best cake yet. it looks amazing. and i bet it tasted great!