Thursday, January 30, 2014

Motocross Cookies!!

I finally found the time to try my hand at sugar cookies and let me tell was a learning experience. Icing consistency is EVERYTHING... I prefer royal icing with corn syrup to without....and that outline around the outside edge of a round cookie is harder than it looks.

I did Motocross cookies for my boyfriend's birthday. (To whoever originally did these...thank you :))  I printed the images in the size that I needed them, taped them to a cake board and taped wax paper over that...then filled in the designs.

I then laid them under a fan to dry for 24 hours before peeling them off of the waxed paper. I broke a couple of the guys on bikes so you have to be really careful. They are delicate. I also learned that I prefer using bottles to dealing with messy piping bags. I only had a couple of the Wilton brand from Wal-Mart but I discovered that they make bottles in a couple of sizes and you can put decorating tips on them. I ordered immediately! :) Also, the royal icing dries darker so my colors weren't as vibrant once they were dry. Boooo. Here is the finished product.

I also made him a chocolate/peanut butter was to die for. I think I'm in love with Bird on A Cake. Check out her blog. Here's the cake.

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