Friday, January 17, 2014

Rosettes and Pearls Birthday Cake

I hesitated to post this cake because I wasn't able to finish it, but I have been dieing to do rosettes and I love them...LOL. This was for my mom and my sister in law, who share a birthday. I normally do two cakes for them but decided to  make it easier on myself this year and combine them into one. Thank goodness I did because when I was half way through it my boyfriend called and told me he had crashed his dirt bike and needed me to drive him to the emergency room. By the time I got home the birthday dinner was over and I had just enough time to make the cake presentable for a picture. It was also dark outside, which is never good when photographing a cake. The other element that I wish had been more properly planned on my part is the ombre effect on the rosettes. The center roses should have been time I will make them smaller and have four rows of gradient colors instead of three. You live and learn...:) Here is the cake...

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