Monday, February 6, 2012

Kim's Bachelorette Party Cake....

This is the next cake that I made. I apologize if anyone is offended by it, but it was a bachelorette party for my cousin, Kim. This is a picture of us that night....(from left to right) Our friend Leah, Kim and ME!

We had a pretty good you can probably tell. She wanted a penis cake and this is what I came up with. 

It is a little more on the cutesy side than some I have seen. I wasn't into making it too realistic....GROSS!! LOL. I was really happy with how it turned out and it tasted great too. It was a basic strawberry cake mix but it turned out really good. I do my best to not over bake my cakes. I hate dry cakes. The penis was a tin penis shaped pan that we found at Spencer's Gifts. 

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