Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome Ryder :))

On Christmas Eve 2009 my brother, Ryan and Sister-in-law, Summer announced that they were having another baby. I can't even tell you how excited I was. In August 2010, our family was blessed with Ryder. He is every bit as beautiful and entertaining as his older sister. This is Rydie....

Nobody has any clue where those blue eyes came from...maybe it was the milk man. Hehe.

So, I got to make the cake for his baby shower. I had far more grand plans for the cake, to be honest. I did the bear shaped pan on top of a regular rectangular sheet cake. I ran out of time and was working on it at my parents house in August...if you knew my dad you would understand. He likes his house at a temperature that could easily sustain most species of desert life. Very bad for buttercream!!! Haha.

I'm glad I didn't figure the bear into the servings because I wasn't at all happy with how it turned out. The sheet cake was delish, but the bear had to cook for far longer than anticipated and the result was a yucky dry cake. If I ever use that pan again...and thats a big IF...I will do as I did with this one and make it in addition to the regular cake servings.

Here's the cake....

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