Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guitar Cake....Rock On!!!!

My fiancee had been teaching Faith to play guitar when her birthday rolled around last year. She wanted a red guitar with black musical notes. I was out of Viva paper towels so my buttercream is, shall we say, less than smooth....hehe. I stressed and labored for weeks about how I was going to go about creating a guitar. I had never used fondant before at this point and was apprehensive about trying on such an important occasion. I went for the trusty star tip and it came out pretty good. I printed a template I found on the internet for the guitar and sized it accordingly, which means I printed it, held it up to the pan I was using and then trashed it three times before getting it right. If I were to do a guitar now I imagine it would turn out far more clean looking because I'm not afraid to try different techniques anymore. You just have to allow time to start over from scratch in case you completely screw it up! Here's the cake....

Oh yeah...I threw my brother's name on it too because my mom decided to combine the parties at the last minute. :)

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